University Applicants Say...

"Writing a personal statement can be an extremely difficult process to do on your own but I was able to write a very powerfully worded statement with the help of Anne Wilson. Without her help I would have been completely lost."

"Anne Wilson was absolutely integral in both the writing of my personal statement and my application to study History at Cambridge. The eventual success of my application was achieved in a big part due to her support at every step of the process, and her in-depth knowledge of how not only Cambridge, but universities in general, tend to operate. I cannot recommend her enough."

"I didn't know where to begin when it came to my personal statement, even thinking about it was stressful! Anne eased my stress by being patient and logical. She helped me pick out my strengths from which I was able to compose a strong personal statement. I was so pleased to find I had got offers from all of the universities I had applied for! I am so grateful for Anne's help because without it, I doubt my personal statement would have been of the calibre it needed to be. I would recommend Anne to anyone - she has been an amazing mentor!"

"Anne Wilson really helped me to understand that writing a personal statement is as much about understanding my intended audience and what they want, than it is about understanding myself and what I want. She went through my whole personal statement with me, showing me where it was weak, what I should add, what I should take out and what I should modify."


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