Parents / Carers

Most parents worry about their son or daughter and want to help them. But many parents cannot help their children as much as they would like.

The graduate job mentoring and personal statement service offers tailored, one-to-one support for students and graduates. It is intended to complement (not replace) the careers advice offered by schools, colleges and universities.

Both services are confidential, regardless of who pays. This is important. It means the person being mentored can be open and honest, secure in the knowledge that their thoughts and ideas will not be discussed with anyone else.

The mentee is, of course, free to discuss the sessions with parents and carers. In the UCAS / personal statement work they are positively encouraged to do so. However, the decisions they make are their own responsibility.

Anne Wilson is a trained ChildLine counsellor which requires an enhanced CRB check. Her job mentoring work is supervised by an experienced counsellor.

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