Graduates Say...

"I spent five months looking for work on my own this year. Within a month of me contacting Anne I’ve got a job in a really fantastic company. Anne is great at focussing you on what you want to be doing. She also gives lots of helpful tips, advice and support. She can show you different approaches which might help you make contact with company and get a foot in the door. Getting a job is challenging at the moment, but with the right tactics, enthusiasm and the right support from someone like Anne I think anyone can find work in something they like."

"Anne's been a fantastic help to me over the last few months. I always disregarded careers advice as being only designed for people going into the commercial sector and not the arts, but Anne has given me some invaluable advice and application/ interview strategies for a very competitive field!"

"Two years ago I was a lost and scared graduate, not knowing what employment avenue to take. Anne gave me the confidence, direction and ability to seek out a role as an events organiser. Four months later I had a successful interview and now I'm an events assistant for one of the biggest events companies in the world!"

"Thanks to Anne’s help and advice over the past few years, I'm in the graduate school program I wanted, and also have a good-looking CV for the professional world. I've recommended my friends to Anne because I know there’s nobody better not only to help them turn vague ideas into a series of achievable, practical goals, but also to coach them through applications and interviews."

"Man it is so tough out there, I'm so glad that someone is actually offering some help! And someone so enthusiastic and helpful too - I can't think of anyone I would more want to aid my job search!"

"The help you gave me opened my eyes and made me realise how much I had to offer. It helped me streamline my answers to potential questions and get in as much information as possible. I went into my interview prepared, confident and able to articulate what I could do for them. The task of completing the application form was completely overwhelming for me and I didn't know where to start. You went through the job description with me point by point and we wrote fact-based examples to show how I answered the job description. Out of 100 applicants I was one of the 4 short-listed. Thanks so much for all your help!!!"

"Anne Wilson has helped me every step of the way in looking for a job after University. She has helped me identify companies to approach, looked over job applications, helped me write important emails and review my presentations for interviews. With Anne's help I have been able to get two months’ freelance worth and I now have a trial for a permanent job with a global research agency. Without Anne and her superb advice I would still be working on minimum wage for a catering agency!"

"I had the opportunity to apply to a paid one year training scheme for a job I really wanted to do. Anne helped me break down the application form and work out exactly what they were after. Anne was incredibly patient and explained everything really well. She wasn’t patronising and we had a good laugh too. I couldn’t understand why I had found the application form so difficult after I had gone through it with her! Anne also arranged for me to attend a mock interview, which was really beneficial and helped me to see where I needed to work on my interview skills. Needless to say I got the position and I’ve been working ever since!"


Graduate Job Mentor Customer Satisfaction